2011-08-17 12:32 am
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Dave, we can't go on like this...

David Cameron is keen that the perpetrators of criminal acts during the recent riots be punished with the full force of the law. Well, he has a point. Vandalism, for example, is a disgusting crime that exposes some of the worst elements of human nature. In fact, it’s a shame there’s a statute of limitations. It’s sickening to think that the perpetrators of such a crime only have to avoid getting arrested and charged for a few years until they become immune to their rightful punishment.
It is. It’s really such a shame. Because we shall never sit entranced before our television sets watching as two police constables knock on the door of number ten and put the smug, entitled, creepy, uberprivileged git in handcuffs. Or at the very least, ask if he’d mind coming down the station to help them with their inquires. Read more... )